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Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes - The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Bilingual Text in French and English

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Arthur Conan Doyle


A fast moving murder mystery. Homles and Watson investigate the mysterious death of a man in Boscombe Valley. Can Holmes demonstrate that the prime suspect is not guilty? Can he discover another suspect and solve the mystery of the Boscombe Valley tragedy? Lestrade believes not. But one young woman believes Holmes can prove him wrong.

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Le Mystère de la Vallée de Boscombe

Texte Bilingue en Français et Anglais

Nous déjeunions un matin, ma femme et moi, lorsqu’on nous remit un télégramme de Sherlock Holmes ainsi conçu :

« Seriez-vous libre deux jours. Suis mandé par dépêche dans l’Ouest pour l’affaire de la vallée de Boscombe. Serais heureux de vous emmener. Climat délicieux. Pays charmant. Départ à 11 heures 15, gare de Paddington. »

— Qu’en pensez-vous, mon ami, me dit ma femme. Acceptez-vous ?

— Je n’en sais rien. J’ai beaucoup de malades en ce moment.

— Oh ! Anstruther vous remplacerait au besoin. Vous avez mauvaise mine et je crois qu’un changement d’air vous ferait du bien, sans parler de l’intérêt qu’ont toujours pour vous les enquêtes judiciaires de Sherlock Holmes.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

We were seated at breakfast one morning, my wife and I, when the maid brought in a telegram. It was from Sherlock Holmes and ran in this way:

Have you a couple of days to spare? Have just been wired for from the west of England in connection with Boscombe Valley tragedy. Shall be glad if you will come with me. Air and scenery perfect. Leave Paddington by the 11:15.

"What do you say, dear?" said my wife, looking across at me. "Will you go?"

"I really don't know what to say. I have a fairly long list at present."

"Oh, Anstruther would do your work for you. You have been looking a little pale lately. I think that the change would do you good, and you are always so interested in Mr. Sherlock Holmes's cases."

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