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02 January 2009

SONY MP4 Video Player Comparison Page

Litrev.co.uk's comparison of the latest four Sony models

The latest range of Sony's MP3 players has proved very popular since its launch.

The new products address the biggest shortcoming about Sony's previous models - they now all have FM Radio*.

Good news for radio lovers, but may be not so good for Creative since FM Radio was the thing that differentiated their players from Apple's ever popular iPod range.

For hardcore audio book lovers there is still a notable absence of Audible file format, but with Sony's flair for excellent design and the reasonable price points, this could be the range that finally begins to menace the iPod's dominance.

So what can you expect from Sony?

The latest features include

  • Upto 45 hours battery time
  • Wireless connection
  • Auto playlist generation
  • Digital Sound Enhancement
  • Noise Cancellation

This is how the different models compare



The premium video range with upto 40 hour battery life


Slimmest design

Noise cancelling mode

SensMe Playlist Generator - S630 and S730 ranges only

Black, Red or Silver

The SensMe Playlist Generator automatically analyses music and tries to create playlists to match a particular mood.


2" LCD screen

BBC iPlayer compatible -upto 400 hours with weekly updates.

16 GB or 8 GB models



The wireless range with versatile Bluetooth connectivity and 36 hour battery life.


Bluetooth Wireless

4 GB or 8 GB

2.4" LCD screen (largest available)

Wireless headphones

Black, Red or Pink

Of this range Sony says: With Wireless Bluetooth®, you get total freedom to play your music on any compatible device - from Bluetooth® speakers and headphones to car stereos, hi-fis and more. You can also listen to your tunes completely hands-free in stunning Sony sound quality, with no more messy, tangled wires...



The cheapest of the video capable models - battery life of upto 45 hours


4 GB capacity

2" LCD screen

Black, Red or Pink



Four models with upto 16 hours battery life


1 GB - B133/F

2 GB - B135/F

3 hours playback from 3 minutes charging

* The B133 and the B135 do not have FM radio - The B133F and B135F models do.

Four colours: Black, Red, Blue and Pink


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