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JK Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
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Audiobooks - Harry Potter Audio Book

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

by JK Rowling

Why’d he go? Some say he died. Codswallop in my opinion...don’t know if he had enough human left in him to die. Some say he’s still out there biding his time.

Can it ever be right? To leave a baby in a blanket on a doorstep? That is what Albus Dumbledore does. Then he leaves to join the others to celebrate. For what happened at Godric’s Hollow was a thing to be celebrated.

For the Dursleys, waking up to discover a baby on their doorstep must be the shock of their lives. For the baby is their nephew. And that side of their family, well, that was all a part of their secret. And what if this child is one of ‘them’.

Harry Potter’s life is not much fun. Living in a broom-cupboard under the stairs at the Dursleys is not the ideal life. Harry Potter does not know what he is. He knows nothing of his parents, what they were, and why there were slain in a curious incident at Godric’s Hollow. And Harry Potter has no way of knowing why he has that scar on his forehead.

Harry Potter has no way of knowing any of these things... he is completely in the dark, until one day, the letters start coming.

A dramatic and entertaining children’s adventure tale which opens the seven-part Harry Potter novel series. The book’s well written narrative and rich dialogue are underpinned by an intelligent and complex plot.

The central theme of the book is that of the fight between good and evil. The theme recurs throughout the series. And even here in the first novel, Harry Potter and his friends must demonstrate enormous courage and intelligence – more so than any adult in their school - in an attempt to safeguard the priceless, invaluable philosopher’s stone.

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A Pocket Full of Rye
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Audiobooks - Agatha Christie Audio Books

A Pocket Full of Rye

by Agatha Christie


What can it mean when a man who is poisoned is found to have rye in his pocket?

The sexy, glamorous secretary, Miss Grosvenor is first to fall under suspicion.

But soon she is thought to have not had the opportunity of poisoning the tea of her boss with the particular herb believed to have done for him.

And what about that odd touch? The rye deliberately placed in the pocket of the dead man, Rex Fortescue? What explains that demented act?

As the crisis deepens and the killer displays more of his or her depraved logic, An elderly spinster from St Mary Mead finds herself drawn in to the tragedy in an uncomfortably intimate fashion.

Fortunately the spinster’s name is Miss Jane Marple.

And Miss Marple is willing and able to Sing a Song of Sixpence, if necessary, to get at the clues that may lead into the mind of an insane killer.

In this intriguing and complex murder mystery, Christie lays down an intricate web of clues and hints that tie together a well thought through tale of greed, hatred and revenge-seeking.

The principal investigating detective, Inspector Neele is one of the superior examples of the men of the Yard, but it is Miss Marple in the end who arrives (perhaps a bit too quickly and abruptly) at the final solution.

All-in-all an engaging novel and well worth a read.


LITREV Rating - 4 / 5




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