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JK Rowling Hasn't Finished with Harry Potter Yet
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Harry Potter to Make a Comeback --- Possibly --- According to JK --- Possibly

Interview on Oprah Provides a Ray of Hope

Why’d he go? Some say his series ended. Codswallop in my opinion... Some say he’s still out there biding his time. (With apologies to Hagrid).

As Sherlock Holmes illustrated, phenomenally successfully characters have a queer habit of going away and but not really staying away. Where Harry Potter is concerned the talk was once of whether he would survive till the end of book seven of the Potter series, let alone whether he would make a comeback.

However according to JK Rowling, she may not be done with him yet. Chatting with Oprah in Scotland - yes Scotland - Operation Oprah crossed the Atlantic to interview Rowling - if that is not a measure of great success what is? - Rowling, declared "I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, tenth. I could, easily." At which point Oprah asked, "You could. Will you?" But sadly this is where the vagueness returned: "I'm not going to say I won't. I don't think I will. I loved writing those books. I loved writing it. So I feel I am done, but you never know."

During the interview JK touched also on the rarely discussed subject of her estrangement from her father, as well as the pressures and burden of success. All in all a very good interview which demonstrates why Oprah is the queen of chat. Snippets of interview can be found on the Oprah.com website.

Oprah's show would have been the ideal place to announce a continuation of the Potter series, but, let's face it, this announcement falls well short of that. Potter fans may hope that the admission by Rowling that she 'could', will resolve to a more definite "I will" in the not too distant future. Harry Potter detractors will of course not give a damn.

Whatever views the public may have of Potter, the author herself somehow retains, inspite of huge media exposure, a mystique and charisma almost as compelling as any of her creations, this interview does nothing to take away from that and if anything adds a little more spice to the mix.


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